Localphotoguide is a local business in Jan Juc, near Torquay in Victoria, Australia.

Fred Preston, Principal, is a keen photographer who likes to share his knowledge and experience of photography.

With the Surf Coast seascapes, landscapes and hinterland as an "office" you can join a small group of interested aspiring photographers and learn how to use your digital camera's controls to get better shots (nearly) every time!

We cover a range of useful topics including:
- Understanding aperture and speed settings
- Using the manual controls
- Getting the right exposure
- The improvement a small difference in viewpoint can make
- Different lenses - pros and cons
- The challenges of low light photography
- Alternatives to tripods
- What do all those SYMBOLS on my camera mean
- Some of the LANGUAGE of photography (shutter speed, f-stop, aperture, white balance)
- and whatever questions you want to ask...

This NOT a course about Photoshop (but you can ask a bit about that too!)