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Local Photo Guide's CREATIVE sessions are designed for the person who wants more than just the postcard image; more than the shot that anyone else can take; something different from the average picture. These sessions are aimed at giving you a new way of seeing people and places, objects and stories, colours and designs. You may hear about the 'Rule of thirds', 'leading lines', bokeh, selective focus, time lapse and 'Golden Hour'. There will be a need to throw some technical terms at you but these are only to help you achieve your creative aim.


If you are more interested in learning how the camera works, what the buttons are for, how changes to the settings affect your images and what equipment is used by skilled photographers, these TECHNICAL sessions are probably for you. We talk about aperture, shutter speed, manual settings, ISO, white balance, exposure, histograms, image stabilisation, motion blur and depth of field. This technical session doesn't mean you won't get some great or creative shots but you will be able to repeat them when you are shooting anywhere and get the effect you want.


OK - so you want to be creative AND you want to know the technical side... It may be that you are happy to listen to technical bits whilst others get the new angle or you may be happy to discuss close-up portraiture whilst others experiment with shutter speed and aperture. This session will be a real mixed bag of tech-speak and creativity. There will be opportunity to try out what you learn as soon as you learn it and share your results with others immediately. We'll take a stroll along the coast looking at the big and the small picture and experiment with our cameras. We will run out of time but there's always so much more to know.


Who are you dealing with...? Real people

Fred Preston


Fred is the business owner, trainer, logistics coordinator, mentor and sharer of knowledge.

Tessa Calder


Tessa is the team support person, full of great ideas, a sympathetic ear, iPhone skills and all round logistical support.


From humble beginnings to sunrise long-exposures

Potted history

When I was approached by three different people to ask if I could teach them how to use their new camera, I started asking around and more people said they always wanted to know what all the buttons were for on their camera. I saw a way of providing a skill in demand to number of people. I've been a photographer since the 1980's and I really enjoy sharing my skills and experience with others.

I have the best "office" possible.

I can spend time in a beautiful place doing what I enjoy and the place is always changing. Sometimes there's seaweed on the beach; sometimes there are seals and dolphins at the sea's edge; sometimes its the same place at a different tide; the time of day and the clouds that the sun cuts through make all the difference. Come and share my office with me.


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