Who are we?

Local photo guide is a local business in Jan Juc, near Torquay in Victoria, Australia.

We offer a specialised service to people who want to learn how to use their camera hands-on.

Looking for software training – click here.

With the Surf Coast seascapes, landscapes and hinterland as an exceptional venue for photography you can join a small group of interested aspiring photographers and learn how to use your digital¬†camera’s controls to get better shots (nearly) every time!

We cover a range of useful topics including:

  • Understanding aperture and speed settings

  • Using the manual controls (don’t be frightened)

  • Getting the ‘right’ exposure for your shot (and your imagination)

  • The improvement¬†a small difference in viewpoint can make (composition)

  • Different lenses – pros and cons

  • The challenges of low light photography

  • Alternatives to tripods (some neat tricks here)

  • What do all those SYMBOLS on my camera mean?

  • A little bit of of the LANGUAGE of photography (shutter speed, f-stop, aperture, white balance)

and whatever questions you want to ask…

For a good example of what we learn about manual controls, look here on the Canon website. You should click the ‘Learn, Play and Challenge’ buttons at the top right and look through the glossary at the left.

Sorry – Local photo guide does NOT teach Photoshop or Lightroom.