Preparing for Greece

Greece was to be the first country on this trip’s itinerary. It was followed by Italy, Iceland and Scotland and visits to some of the most popular destinations in each of these places.  It also included some places not many people visit due to accessibility factors, personal interest and access information.
On this trip, I had decided to travel light to maintain flexibility of movement and reduce checked baggage costs on the budget airlines I always use. On analysis, Aegean airlines carry-on maximum weight was the lowest of the bunch (RyanAir, FlyBe and Icelandic).  My limit was to be 8kg and would need to include clothing for Mediterranean summer temperatures (28-32 degrees C), rain, hail or snow on the summit of the highest peak in Greece and the potential gales and hails of Iceland and Scotland’s outer Isles.
I also carry a tripod, two travel cameras (which I needed) and all the necessary chargers, cables, batteries, insulation, clothing and footwear for different conditions (dinner out and Mediterranean beach).  As it happens, there were some items I didn’t use because I was able to wash and dry clothing overnight and wear clothes for a few days at a time.
Clothing list is below:
I’d booked one set of flights INTO Greece (Singapore Airlines to Istanbul and Turkish airlines from Istanbul to Athens) and a different set of flights OUT of Scotland (Flybe out of Inverness to Manchester, Singapore airlines to Singapore and back to Melbourne) because our itinerary was pretty tight and didn’t allow for the cheaper international flights in and out of cheap airports such as London, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris or Madrid).
And so it begins – planning planned, bookings booked and packing packed, I head off to the airport for the next European adventure.