Istanbul and Croatian islands

Was lucky to be able to visit Europe again in 2014

In 2014, I visited Istanbul (Again. I like Istanbul) and spent several days doing things I haven’t done before.  I took a ferry out to Buyukada (Big Island) in the Sea of Marmara for the day, hired a bike and cycled the figure of eight roads around the islands. Saw plenty of (pay per visit) beaches, a huge stable for all the horses used to pull the phaetons (horse-drawn buggies).  The donkeys are probably stabled elsewhere. Beautiful multi-storey mansions all over the main town.  Dumped the bike and walked up the hill to St George Monastery (steep and cobbled). Saw a fence with many photographs of Turkish soldiers who had been killed in various wars.  Such a lovely island with a very laid-back atmosphere, plenty to see and do.  I chose the last ferry home to get the sunset behind Topkapi palace. (See picture below)

Here’s a nice short blog about Buyukada.

Spent a few days in Istanbul and met up with my partner who navigated me to a different range of places in Istanbul by targeting bakeries, restaurants and food-related venues. Excellent to have buffalo yoghurt, eat at an Uzbeki restaurant, eat overlooking the Golden Horn, Galata bridge and Galata tower, a trip to the spice market and much more.

Flew out via Zagreb to Dubrovnik to visit the old town for three days before catching a yacht with 6 others up the coast via various islands to Split.

Delightful trip with (generally) good weather and plenty of free time to hire bikes, walk the hills, take pictures, eat out, play cricket and swim.

Flew to Paris for a couple of days on the way home.

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