Japan was a lot of fun for a couple of weeks in 2015.

It was my first visit so I planned to have a good look around using the Japan Rail Pass for a week.

Stayed in Tokyo for several days then caught a train out to Nikko where I saw the autumn (fall) leaves, ALL the walking trails, the gorge and the multiple (uncountable) statuettes along the path, temples, hot springs in the surrounding hills, a walk through bear and snake-infested (!) woodland, waterfalls, important bridges and the lake.  Headed west to Nagoya and then up into the hills of Yudanaka to see the “snow monkeys”. Caught a train or two down the west coast and on to Hiroshima for a few days.  Came north again via Miyajima and Himeji Castle to Kyoto.  Spent several days in Kyoto going to the market, the Jidai mitsuri Festival, the Kurama Fire Festival and many temples, shrines and walking trails around town.


  • Eric Newton led tonight’s Must See Monday and he spoke on A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110. Newton began his decision speaking on how news first relayed and how it has progressed over time. It began with verbal communication then moved on to the pamphlet then the penny press then the telegraph and so on and so on forth until we arrived where we are today; digital media through the use of television, internet, etc. After this short introduction he got into the main part of discussion about what is to come. He stated that for every forty years there is a crisis along with a great awakening. Also how eventually we will move onto creating artificial intelligence and planting digital implants into people’s brains. This will all eventually lead to World War 4.0 or the battle between humans and a non-human power. Overall I found his lecture to quite interesting especially when he stated that the products we have to today have been predicted before so the products of the future will eventually come to pass.

  • Izi ndi zofunika kwambiri!

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