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I look forward to seeing you on the coast – Fred


  • Today’s Must See Monday discussion was led by, Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. This discussion was centered on the development of media throughout the ages and how it has made such a profound impact in today’s world of journalism and mass communications. Throughout the lecture, Mr. Newton made it very clear about what communications will be like within the next 100 years. He controlled his theories on 4 main principles consisting of 1. Profoundly new ages of digital communications, 2.Science fiction bridging history and philosophy, 3. Undiscovered patterns in the history of news, and 4. People in their 20’s play key role in inventing news media. With these 4 principles, it has been predicted that within time the digital age will expand from what it is now to something so much more profound such as the “Hyper Media” generation. In this generation, media will be more courageous and more science fictional, ultimately leading to World War 4.0. This Must See Monday was a great explanation of how media in the digital age develops, and what we can expect t happen within the future of Journalism.

  • ZERP.IT says:

    He ihirangi nui tenei!

  • b2b supplier says:

    Greetings, You have told it like it was but soooo much fun. We did have a lot of togetherness as it was either too much snow, sleet, rain or cold to be going out. Coming home from Carrie’s on Christmas eve was scary as it was like a sheet of glass on the highway. It was so nice tho being with Mark, Betsy & Zo all week. Zo is such a sweet little girl. It is also so cute the way she says Hi Bobbie. No one calls him Bobbie so to hear her say it it is so precious. Thanks for th pics also. Looking forward to the birthday BLOG.Love, Mary aka Gram aka Mom

  • Eric Newton, the senior adviser to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight foundation, outlined in the Nov. 14 Must See Monday that the history of news distribution is cyclical, yet progressive. The distribution of news, Newton argues, has constantly progressed from the “Compromise” era (the one of pamphlets) to today, “Cyber.” Newton compares some of the major landmark events in the past (World War I and II) to the potential of news wars, like WW III and IV. These wars wouldn’t take place with tanks and machine guns, but with keyboard and mice. Newton, ultimately, explained that the future of technology is “illogical” and “beyond any logical approach.” Finally, before Newton answered some of the audience’s questions and concerns, he resonated his ideas with many of the journalists in attendance. Even in the advancement of technology, there is a necessity in the ability to still be able to tell stories. “Journalism is still the fair, accurate, contextual search for the truth. Independent information is important for civilians to know in order to run their lives, their communities.”

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