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Maybe you’re in one of these categories:

  • I’ve bought a camera and don’t know how to use it…
  • I’ve had a camera for ages but know I can do more with it…
  • I want to see what various cameras can do before I buy one…
  • I want to see others using their camera…

Fred offers a specialised service teaching you how to use your camera hands-on.

Come and join a small group of interested photographers (maximum of 8 in the group) and learn how to use your digital camera’s controls to get better shots (nearly) every time!

We cover a range of useful topics including:

  • Getting the ‘right’ exposure for your shot (and your imagination)
  • Using the manual controls (don’t be frightened)
  • The improvement a small difference in viewpoint can make (composition)
  • Different lenses – pros and cons
  • The challenges and beauties of low light photography
  • Alternatives to tripods (some neat tricks here)
  • What do all those SYMBOLS and MENUS on my camera mean?
  • A little bit of the LANGUAGE of photography (shutter speed, f-stop, aperture, white balance)
  • Understanding aperture and speed settings – here’s the exposure triangle explained by petapixel

and whatever questions you want to ask…


are run on weekends and run in the morning from 10am to noon and the afternoon from 2pm to 4pm.


Click here to see if there’s a FREE session going on.

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If not…

$45 per person per 2-hour session includes:

  • training
  • chosen locations (depending on tides, weather, local events and other opportunities)
  • advice from an experienced local and international travel photographer and
  • plenty of time to share your experience and pictures with others in the group.


You can make a booking or just call Fred on 0407 552 060 to have a chat.

Fred at Bird Rock – July 2019

See you there 🙂

Sorry – Local Photo Guide does NOT teach Photoshop, Photoscape, or Lightroom or Darktable.