Top 7 hardest things about photography

Nigel Danson, an English landscape photographer and vlogger, recently surveyed thousands of photographers and collated responses from 1,827 people about the things they find hardest in landscape photography. To summarise from ‘hard to hardest’:

  1. Focus
  2. Urban
  3. Time
  4. Woodland
  5. Location
  6. Light
  7. Composition

Here are his tips on each of these challenges and here is a link to the 20-minute YouTube vlog

  1. The wider the lens, the more you’ll get in focus
  2. Think about the furthest subject
  3. Focus on the subject in woodland
Urban/boring locations
  1. Extract / abstract some simple components to shoot
  2. There are things to shoot EVERYwhere
  1. Find somewhere close by to practice
  2. Shoot at sunrise regularly
  3. Get motivated (mind over mattress)
  1. Use your phone to scout locations
  2. Find one location and keep going back to it.
  3. Shoot in fog if you can
  1. Return to the same location in different conditions
  2. Invest time in one location
  1. Have pre-planned locations
  2. Look at how light impacts location
  3. Find a location and shoot in all light conditions
  1. Simplicity is key
  2. Try to ‘balance’ your images
  3. Using a longer lens can make composition easier

At Local Photo Guide, we can help with all of these things (except getting you up in the morning) 🙂