Art of the Minds – A mental health-related online art exhibition

During lockdown, I was approached to work on an exhibition of artwork. It was released online as a YouTube exhibition on 1 October 2020.

It took approximately seventy hours to produce and was created using Da Vinci Resolve (Open source) software which I was just starting to teach myself.

I was given free rein and challenged myself to use no templated formats and a range of features I hadn’t used before. It was important to ‘release’ each artwork in a way that involved the watcher and didn’t give the full image away immediately. Zooming out served the purpose. The colour scheme matches the new Art of the Minds Pantone colours. It required consistency of style across images but enough variation to keep it interesting. I think it works.







One day (late November) I did a walk from Jan Juc to Anglesea along the Surf Coast Walk. This is the edited version which shows some of the trail and the scenery. It’s a bit dull (for me) because I know the area well but you may enjoy it if you’re from another part of the world or are interested in doing the walk yourself. Enjoy.