Video editing

Video editing

Creativity is all well and good but sometimes you need a bit of technical skill to drive the software in this digital age.

I’ve been using computers since the mid 80’s and enjoy having the capability to make images (still and moving) all the more attractive and interesting using a bit of software.

For several years I have used Adobe Premiere Pro but that has changed now that I have a new laptop. I’ve moved to Da Vinci Resolve to keep my costs down and it is proving to be quite capable. It’s a little less intuitive (read: more complicated) but works in much the same way.

I feel confident that with quality original video from you, I can produce a great-looking end-product – whether long or short, simple or complicated.

Long-term relationships are what I want with clients – it saves time and your money in the long-run because we develop a workflow, a style and a language between us.

Contact me to have a chat – I’ll let you know if I think I can do your work. – 0407 552 060.

Here’s my latest video :