Photography Services

Local images

Local Photo Guide can capture specific images for your wall at home or your publications at work. Just imagine a huge shot of the beach at sunset, a shot of you surfing at Bells or an aerial shot of your house on the coast.


Localphotoguide can do the following to assist you and your business to meet copyright rules:

  • Take photos of specific activities (training sessions, machinery in action, sporting sessions, outdoor activities) at given locations (indoors or outdoors).

  • Edit, crop, enhance, save, name and tag your image for future reference and easy access

  • Spend a full day (or more) shooting your requirements and leaving YOU with the image ownership

  • Help you to identify or capture other photos for your training, presentation, decoration or marketing

Why buy your average copyright images from the internet and not get the SPECIFIC shot you need. Localphotoguide will capture exactly what you are after.


On the other hand, You may wish to have some tree ferns, sand grains, wildlife, surfers, coastal dunes or birds as a canvas poster, wallpaper or mounted/framed image IN YOUR HOME.

With some notice (and the right season and a bit of luck) Localphotoguide can go out and find the image you want. On top of that, Localphotoguide can adjust the colours in the image to suit your colour scheme at home.

Finally, Localphotoguide can organise large-scale printing and block mounting and framing for you.