Insurance photo/video

Insurance companies!  Can’t live WITH them; can’t live WITHOUT them!

But when you need them, they may need evidence of your belongings.

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Whether it be fire, flood, accident or some other loss, an insurance claim needs to be backed up with records of your items, their condition, colour, make, model and serial numbers, original receipts.
Photographs or videos of property or other items can make the difference.

Naturally, you can take your own pictures (still camera, video camera, phone) but there will be some things you possibly can’t do with your own equipment. For example you may not be able to:

  • get VERY close-up shots (macro) or very wide-angle shots

  • date-stamp each image

  • or you may not know how to rename your images or store them off-site (in the ‘cloud’) without the risk of losing the memory stick / memory card

Local Photo Guide will work with you to:

  • get shots of your possessions

  • organise secure ‘cloud’ (internet) storage for your images

How does it work?

  • You can read the section called “Preparation” below to find out how to prepare.

  • At an agreed time, Local Photo Guide will visit your premises and take photographs of your valuables.

  • The original images can be supplied to you on a memory card AND / OR

  • The images can be uploaded to a storage location on the internet

Fred supplies you with his personal details, his Police check documentation and a 100% guarantee of complete discretion and honesty.

An authenticity document will be provided to say that the items were at the given location on the date the pictures were taken.

Take a look here at the types of images you can get and click here to see an example of ‘cloud storage’ at OPENDRIVE.COM.

What can be photographed?

Practically anything that you want evidence of, including

  • machinery

  • equipment

  • livestock

  • vehicles

  • jewellery

  • documents

  • furniture

  • keepsakes

  • antiques

  • items in storage

  • special items of clothing

  • artwork (2D and 3D)

  • books

  • stuff in the shed / holiday home / storage container

So why wait?  Call Fred and let’s talk about what you need done. 04075 52060 The rates are very reasonable and the shots will be around forever.


What’s important?

Walk around the house looking at everything and you own and write a list of all the things that are valuable to you as you go. You may also want to write down where they are on your property so you can find them when you need to. The items may be of monetary value or sentimental value but don’t underestimate the potential financial value of heirlooms, keepsakes or antiques.

Make sure you look in storage boxes, under the stairs, in the attic, under the bed and don’t forget the shed and even the more obvious big things like the trailer.

As you go, you could take pictures of each item with a camera or phone. If there is any paperwork for each item such as receipts and valuations, keep the item and the receipt in pictures next to each other in the camera.

Specialist items

There will be things you can’t easily take pictures of such as hallmarks on silver or gold items (jewellery, antiques), small signatures on paintings, tiny serial numbers of electronic gear and so on. With specialist camera equipment Local Photo Guide can get these shots for you.

Insurance coverage

As you go round the property, take note of quantities of goods such as towels, bedsheets, crockery, shoes etc. You may decide you’re underinsured. This is a good ‘stocktake’ for you to do even if you don’t take photos of everything.

‘Forgotten’ or ‘hidden’ items

In the case of storm, flood or fire damage you may need to repair or replace things such as fences, outbuildings, pumps. You may also need to prove the quality or quantity of these items or their brand, make or model.

Price and storage

For those images you can’t get and for off-site storage (on the internet), contact Local Photo Guide for a quote and further advice.

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