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Website building

WordPress is said to be the software behind about a third of the world’s websites. Big companies or tech businesses use more complicated programming and features but you don’t really NEED that if you’re starting out.

Localphotoguide can design and build a website for you and include a range of features that you have probably seen on other websites – popups, sign-up forms, integration with Instagram and Facebook feeds, calendars, galleries, posts, video backgrounds, sidebars, audio downloads, forums, comments and so on.

Using the free WordPress software, free templates and affordable skills, Localphotoguide can talk you through the process of buying a domain name, buying web hosting, producing a website with one or many pages.

Combined with localphotoguide services such as photography (or using your own photos), creative text, proof-reading and technical skills your website can look terrific within a few hours and be expanded as your business or organisation grows and changes.

Localphotoguide can also provide you with training in how to operate the WordPress site so you don’t have to keep paying for our services.

No complicated XML, HTML, CSS, Java, PSP. Just good old fashioned service.

Contact Fred on 04075 52060.

Fred looks after the following sites:

Torquay Theatre Troupe Inc.

The MAC Inc.

Bellbrae Residents Association